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"We all have hurdles to overcome. One of the most difficult hurdles we face is perception; it can box in some of the greatest minds and keep out some of the most talented individuals."
Mottie Akapo, Joined Up Thinking

About JoinedUpThinking

Joined Up Thinking JUT is a Community Interest Company that empowers young people in a variety of ways, to be the best they can regardless of race, culture or gender. We believe that by working together - being our brother's or sister's keeper, we can enable and encourage others to stand out and reach their full potential.


Joined Up Thinking is a youth mentoring organisation based on Christian principles and values helping young people regardless of faith or religion.  At JUT, we welcome and help young people from all backgrounds and cultures, especially young people from BME (Black Minority and Ethnic) background, as statistics have shown this group to be the most vulnerable and prone to discrimination. 


''A brain to pick

   An ear to listen

A push in the right direction'


'A brain to pick

An ear to listen

A push in the right direction'


                 J.C Crosby


At JUT, we believe that every young person is born with potential and we are willing to help and support young people in their journey to achieve their potential.