About Us

In our work with young people, we develop trust, build on experience and promote self-confidence. JUT helps to facilitate a comfortable and conducive environment that encourages young people to actively listen, be heard, develop and gain empowerment.

JUT has a great working team that consists of Board members, volunteers, mentors, Youth Ambassadors and our wider youth network.


Collectively, our team has vast experience of mentoring children, young adults, youth groups, women’s groups and staff.  Our professional background and experience includes working with patients, supporting and working with vulnerable groups, including young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and with increased social needs. 

Our Team

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Shola Oladipo


Shola has positively mentored men, women and young people across various settings. Her passion to see people achieve their potential regardless of their circumstance.  


Shola is also the CEO of Food For Purpose FFP CIC, an organisation set out to educate and support BME communities. Shola is also a registered Dietitian with over 20 years experience.

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Mottie Omideyi

Managing Director

Mottie worked for an NHS Trust for 19 years.  Within that time, she project managed several initiatives including a Coaching and Mentoring Scheme.


Through volunteering at her Church, she acquired a deeper passion for helping young people Mottie is an experienced mentor and uses her skills and capability to empower young people.

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JA BIMA100.jpg
Joshua Akapo

Communications & Marketing Director

 Joshua co-owns ARCHTYPE - a creative agency that managed the successful social media and marketing of the 2016 Lovebox Festival merchandise campaign and managed the marketing and organisation of various music groups and music events.  

In May 2019, Joshua listed as one of this year’s BIMA100 in the Rising Stars category.

Rufiat Shomade

HR Director

Rufiat Shomade has worked in HR for 28 years across charitable, private and public sectors in leadership roles. 

Rufiat has a generalist HR background with expertise in HR policy, procedure development, employee relations and more. She currently holds several Board Trustee and Director roles for small and medium charitable organisations.  Rufiat has also been a School Governor for 6 years

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Tobi Olusola

Finance Director

Tobi Olusola is a tax professional who brings a broad range of skills and wealth of experience in finance and taxation from having worked in both the industry and financial services sector for over 20years.


Tobi has an unfailing passion towards impacting and helping to bring out the very best in young people.

Nike Probio.jpg
Nike Adegbembo

Admin Executive

Nike’s educational and professional background is in Media/Communications, Public Relations, Advertising and brand management.


Her core skills include creating, building and implementing organizations strategic goals. She is passionate about young adults finding their way early in life and believes mentoring is an effective tool.